The importance of surrounding yourself with people that are wise, that can teach and that can motivate you to be a better person is incredibly underestimated. Unfortunately not all of us are in the position to have this group of amazing people around us but we do have the choice to surround ourselves with their words and wisdoms. We chose everyday what we feed our brain and our thoughts. This shapes our mind set and perspectives. In this day and age everyone is consumed with their digital devices, aimlessly scrolling through social media and not getting anything significant out of it. I believe in the power of changing that algorithm for yourself, follow, read and listen to people that can contribute to your wellbeing, that you can learn from and look up to. I've listed some of the most (for me) life altering books, podcasts and kick ass people to follow on line.

A plant based lifestyle is the future. Wether we like it or not we cannot keep up with the demand of our meat consumption. Not only can we not keep up, we are actually destroying our planet in the process and if this wasn't already bad enough we're also slaughtering millions and millions of animals. Not just the animals that end up in the supermarket but also the animals out in the wild that are suffering because of our ignorance and self proclaimed entitlement. But then again if it would be vital for our health and well being it would make for a strong argument to continue this behavior but people are starting to realize it's actually quite the opposite. So why for the love of love are we not all jumping on the plant based wagon to heal ourselves, mother earth and all of our co inhabiters? In this article we talk about the what's, why's and how's of a plant based lifestyle.

How important is exercise for your mental health? How do you train right? Feeling confident in your body can have a major impact on your life, not only because you feel good in a bathing suit but also the mental clarity that comes with it. "I truly believe in the health of people, a healthy person can kick some real ass in life and won't be held back by a failing or sick body" -Darin Olien. This is one of the things we can achieve with fitness. Also the discipline of showing up at the gym or on that trail or in the pool to do your work out, to do move your body is a mental challenge. If you win overcome that challenge and you master that, you master your mind and you can get past those negative thoughts. Clear them out and truly work on yourself, to be the better version of yourself from the inside out. Here I'll list things that have helped me in my journey and share my ongoing path to create the build myself up.

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