So Ayurveda is not just a certain way to eat or another marketing tool used to sell certain products or promote a tea. Ayurveda actually means Life knowledge (Ayur= Life and Veda=Knowledge) pretty cool ha! In a nutshell you can say Ayurveda is the healing of consciousness by observing yourself through the things you do and say and through the things you eat and drink. So in Ayurveda you dive into the different steps en levels of the mind so you get a better understanding of what's happening in your mechanic room up there. When your thoughts are roaming free without you being able to control them. According to the Ayurvedic science all elements that are present around us are also present in us and just like our DNA there's a unique amount of every element imbedded in us. This unique amount of element DNA is called a Dosha and when you know what your Dosha is you can learn so much more about yourself, which is pretty awesome I have to say. I mean getting to know yourself is the best thing you can probably do.

We all know the feeling when we get nervous or excited and our heart starts racing and without noticing our breath is going super fast, we forget to inhale and exhale. We forget to give our lungs the air it needs, to give our body the oxygen it needs to stay calm, to tell our brain, yo take a chill pill we all good down here. When you're stressed it's easy to let your mind take control and move your body towards an unhealthy position. Without noticing your jaws are clenched, your shoulders are up to your ears and your neck is locked. What if instead of you letting your worrying mind take control, you clean out that upper room and sweep it out, take a deep breath in all the way down to your belly and then breath out again. Do this for 10 times and see how you feel. Your shoulders come down, your jaw relaxes and you can move your neck around. Being aware of your breath is one of the first steps into really getting to know your body, to feel you body and appreciate it. Let's take a look at the different breathing and mindfulness , explore the world of Wim Hoff and other breathing pioneers.

Sprouting, I know I've been guilty of buying sprouts in the fancy supermarket paying (unknowingly) way to much to score some bonus points for my gut health. Not only is sprouting incredibly easy, it's also incredibly cheap. Gut health in general I find a topic that's way under discussed, it's something we all could benefit from if we'd understand it better. Just like the alphabet we should learn how to shop for healthy foods and how our inner works work, what it needs and how we can take care of our own micro organism. Like Dr. B. said there should be a culture revolution that makes health the default.

Anyway back to sprouting, in the last few weeks I've been dipping my toes in the vast waters of gut health and sprouting. Not only is it fun to do it's also a serious possibility for us to be change our consuming behaviour and do some sustainable glas jar farming in our living room. I'll go further into the benefits of sprouting and the best ways to do so.

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