Get up, do what you need to do and take care of yourself. Getting your shit together in all the mayhem that's happening around us already feels like a major task. Let alone finding time to take care of yourself. We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed by life, so much shit to take care of, so many choices to make, so many people to impress, family to satisfy, you name it, the list is endless. But what if you'd put all of that on the shelf for a while and instead spend that time on yourself. To get your shit together and to achieve the goals you set for yourself. To earn that self respect you've been longing, to prove that voice in your hear wrong.
Things will always happen, we can't control that but we can control how we react on those curveballs. And I mean it's way easier to deal with the lemons life throws at you when you're in a good mood right? Rather than having to cope while already being stressed out? 

All sounds great and all but I don't have time, my situation doesn't let me, I can't because of this person and so on and so on. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. If you're happy in the situation that you're in, then great! But stop complaining. If you're not happy in the situation you're in then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. You can't expect a different outcome of life while you stay the same. Just not how shit works buddy.

Not only is fast fashion incredibly bad for the environment, people in foreign countries also have to work in horrible conditions and to top it off it's also bad for our health. Our health you say? YES our health, the clothing we wear is extensively processed with chemicals, chemicals that you can't be in the same room with without a gas mask. When fabrics get rid of these chemicals they need to do this as TOXIC WAISTE. Just to give you an idea, some examples of toxic waste are pesticides, motor oil, kerosene and petrol. So shitty shit stuff like this is in our clothing, in our UNDERWEAR. Yea that's scary ha, would you put on your thong after it's been dipped in pesticides? Yea didn't think so... 
Some of these chemicals are linked to fertility issues, causing cancer and skin issues like psoriasis and eczema, it's even linked to lighter forms of skin problems like little bumps on your back, arms and legs (I know I have them and never knew where I got them from) 

But the thing that bothers me the most is that we don't get this information through mainstream media, I mean HELLO, this is our health we're talking about! We wear this shit ALL of our lives, from when we're babies all the way through our teens to adulthood, we even sleep in it, I mean it's insane dude...

Yea my least favourite subject, but still important. Big banks, banks in general have an incredible amount of power on our planet. They manage all of our savings, all of our money and I mean ALL of us. How many people do you know without a bank account? Yea.. me neither. So it's rather important for us to check up on these banks and see where they invest our savings in. Cause yes, banks invest. Once you put your money on your bank account it doesn't actually stay there, you won't notice it because the digital nr on the screen will be the same but your bank takes the money, invests it, makes more money and then makes sure you can still take out the same amount as the digital nr on the screen says you're allowed to take out. Well my friends, every bank invests in different corporations en businesses. They invest in whatever think is a lucrative business and where they can get the most money, which makes sense but in the same time they're using their immens power to make money for themselves. Thankfully there's also some banks that invest in sustainable businesses, with our wallet we can vote. We have more power than we grant ourselves which is fortunate for banks that still invest in weaponry, war, palm oil and fossil fuels. Let us vote with our wallets and transfer to banks that are on the same page as us.

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