Changing the algorithm of life, what you say? What things, thoughts and people make me feel better? And which things, thoughts and people make me feel shitty, less and insecure? Why do I feel anxious so often and how come it’s so hard to switch the button and just be happy? Unfortunately I don’t have the answers to these questions but that’s due to the fact everyones answers are personal. No one is just like you nor should you want to be like anyone else. Unfortunately we’re often encouraged to be like someone else, think like someone else or even look like someone else. In the process of us just looking at other people, our own identity chips away, we loose touch with what really matters to us and we adjust ourself to the image that has been laid out. Because this is so embedded in our culture I don’t think there’s a quick fix, a magic pill or a life changing advice. Nope, I think it all starts with you showing an interest in life. Asking yourself, is this really it?

When we’re in school we set out to have a great career, have a family and a big house with a stylish car parked upfront. No matter how you’ll get there, most important is that you get there. In all honesty I think that’s a great goal, I just don’t think it should be a priority.. Like Jimmy Carter once said “Human identity is no longer defined by what one does but by what one owns” Which for me, bangs the nail on the head. 


Society often tells us that we need this or that in order to have succes, to act a certain way in order to make it. But honestly neither succes or ‘making it’ are defined by only one thing. You might be making a million but be utterly miserable or have an empty bank account but loads of love in your life. Society says that the millonair is the successful one, but is he the happier one? And doesn’t succes also involve happiness? 

Where can we learn more about rewiring our brain? So we don’t get stuck in this trap of ‘I shoulds’. Along the road everyone has been handed a bag of shoulds and it’s often not appreciated if you look in the bag and say “well I think I’ll take a look around for another bag”. 

Personally I encourage everyone to start creating their own bags. Imagine walking around without a bag full of ‘ I should do this’ or ‘I should’ve achieved that’, that bag is HEAVY as f*ck. It’s not fun carrying that shit around, it drains your energy and kills your motivation and enthusiasm. Instead we could also empty it, and start filling it with your goals, stuff that you’re truly interested in and pursuing that. Carrying a bag full of shit you don’t enjoy is a whole lotta heavier than a bag that’s filled with stuff that gives you joy. 


For me taking a look around has mostly meant surrounding myself with inspiring people, in the form of their words and voices… Since many of us don’t have acces to these great minds and aren’t lucky enough to have the Dalai Lama as their neighbor, I suggest you listen to them. In this world full of technologies we have so many different opportunities to learn. Go and take a look around, what people do you look up to and make you feel better instead of insecure, which people are real and speak truth rather than acting like marketing tools. See which successful people are in your branch or that you resonate with. Educate yourself and soak up as much information from as many different sources as possible. Read books, listen to TED talks, check out different pod casts, look at documentaries and have conversations with people that have a different perspective than your own. Combining these things you’ll open up your mind to endless possibilities, you’ll need to turn inwards in order to get further. See yourself as a student of life, you’ll realize that the more you learn, the less you know.

Down here I’ve listed some of the kick ass people I look up to, that have done things in their life to commend and did it in a way that speaks truth. These are some of the tools that helped me unriddle the puzzle of my messy brain. 



2040 a documentary made by the same guy as Sugar Nation. It’s an uplifting documentary battling climate crisis with hope and facts. 

To build a new economy we first must dare to dream. We need to create images of the world we want. That is why we partner with the world’s best science-based communication efforts. 2040 –  Join The Regeneration is the unique uplifting documentary film by Damon Gameau. The documentary featuring Paul Hawken (Project Drawdown) and Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics) integrates the ideas in Drawdown and Doughnut Economics. The documentary uses existing and proven climate solutions to show what a regenerative future could look like – and positively activates the world into climate action.

This is the shit we should be focussing on, because my friends, a sustainable future is very much possible. It’s not all doom and gloom. 

Who are we? What is consciousness? Where does it come from? To what extent are we more than our physical body, our thoughts and our emotions?How can we overcome our fears? How do we reconnect with our intuition? What is the power and magic of using your intention? -To what extent can we use it to reach the life we truly want? Who are we really? How can we experience enlightenment, oneness, and our divine identity?

Antony Chese has interviewed neuroscientists, meditators, survivors of near-death experiences, and various PhD scientists, to try and find answers to figure these questions out!


David Attenborough has the most amazing story and at 94 years old he has seen a lot. In his latest documentary he sums up everything up so well,  I honestly think this is a must watch for everyone. While he talks about deforestation and the melting ice caps he also showcases the astonishing beauty of our planet and how we can preserve it. Trust me, go and watch it, it’s about a trillion times more interesting than the kardashions. 


DOWN to EARTH is a mirror to humanity, a poignant and timely reflection on our ‘civilized’ world. The film invites us to see the world through the eyes of the Earth Keepers. It takes us on an inner journey, re-connecting us with the source and the mutual path we are walking. Having lived under the radar of our modern society for centuries, the Earth Keepers see that now is the time to step forward and share their insights with those who are ready to listen. DOWN to EARTH is both a wake up call and a resurgence of hope for our world to come.

This film is not to be consumed, It’s to be worked with



WOW WOW WOW. As long you can handle a fair bit of curse words and are in the game of really leveling up listen to this shit, cause it’s THE SHIT. Andy Frisella co hosts this show together with Ben Newman and Vaughn Kohler. The three of them have a really nice dynamic but the main guy is Andy. He is such a force of nature and he tells a SHIT LOAD of truth in his podcast. To sum it up; as long as you are willing to do the work EVERY DAY and stop being a PUSSY making excuses for yourself YOU WILL be successful. There is no magic pill, course or quick fix, it’s hard work, dedication and perseverance that’ll get you there. The topics are often about mental toughness which is such an important thing to talk about! He is living what he’s preaching which makes it even more valuable + there’s NO ads which is a huge plus! 


Lewis Howes is a NYT best selling author, an athlete, speaker and entrepreneur. Lewis shares inspiring interviews from the most successful people on the planet – world renowned leaders in business, entertainment, sport, science, health and literature. By listening to the stories of others you’ll get inspired to unlock your inner greatness. 

Lewis Howes always has great content and asks the right questions. The podcasts are pretty bomb but also his instagram has GREAT content if you’re on the search for some quick wisdoms. 


For everyone that’s a bit further in their awakening journey. In their journey to ground, to get back to center and to detach from everything we’ve been taught I highly recommend this podcast. 

It’s hosted by Benthino Massaro, he’s from The Netherlands but left the country for his search of enlightenment at a young age. Since he’s 16 he’s been on this spiritual path and it’s amazing to hear his insights. 

He talks calm an clear about matters of the heart, the head and our emotions. Whenever I listen to mirror talks I always have a pen and notepad close cause amazing insights are guaranteed! 


Jake Woodard has great guests and focusses a lot on spiritual growth.

I love the pod cast he did with Sophia Tara, the analogies used and the conversation in general really stuck by me. 

He’s very good in explaining and discussing the female and masculine energy we carry within us. Because of him (and Lori Kenn) I’ve learned so much about what masculine and feminine properties we have and how we recognise them. Feel and see where you might have a blockage or maybe too much of one trait or energy. 

Balancing out your energies is so important in order to see things clearly. 



Female, male or anything in between I think this is such an empowering book. It’s Florences way to effortlessly remind you who you were before the world barged in. And this is such a true thing, we constantly adjust, lower standards and compromise so we can fit into the box someone else has made for us. This book is a great reminder to let go of that and to stay close to you. 


Literally a book so you can start to unfuck yourself. Stop making excuses and start putting in the work, the work necessary to make sure that you put yourself in a different situation. It’s a book with a massive mirror to make you see your own behavior and confront you with shit you didn’t even knew you were doing. It’s all about perspective and this books sure gives you another one. One that you can use. 


The Power of Now, I think most people are familiar with this book. It’s such a gem, it’s already a few years old (23 to be exact) but is truly timeless. This book talks about the importance of living in the present, discusses our train of thought and how we are constantly busy with present and future and therefor forgetting our true potential right now here in this moment. This is a must read if you’d ask me. 


Alright so this book is written by Jay Shetty and I had to add to the list, it’s a young one and came out this year (2020). A really nice book filled with truth. You can see it as a self help, self awareness book that makes you think about the way you think about certain topics. With nice illustrations and clear writing this is a good book for anyone looking into the unriddling of their messy brain and is into positive thinking.