Nutrition, this thing that most of us put in our top 10 of important things but is also all the way down to the bottom of our list. We know that veggies are good for us and that sugar isn’t, this is common sense. But then why is it so hard to make the right decisions? Why is it so incredibly difficult to stay away from processed foods, junk food and sugary sweets… Is it because we don’t get the details? The accurate information about what processed foods do to our bodies? That we might actually be making ourselves sick without realizing it? 

Do the foods we eat influence our mood, our mental state and can we prevent or even reverse diseases by making different choices? Should we try and alter our eating habits or should we carry on the way we are? 


The monkey mindset, you’ve probably heard about it before. This annoying monkey that wants to do the complete opposite of what you should be doing. We all have that little sucker around somewhere.. Now what we want to do is train that monkey. Make it a little cute one, make it your friend. If you don’t train your monkey and try to ignore the noise it’s making he’ll turn into a baboon. A big ass baboon swinging around in your head, breaking your inner peace. No matter what you do to numb the noise, it won’t leave, you’ll wake up the next day with the same noise as the day before. 

How can we make sure we’re prioritizing the right things in our life? How do we make time for the things we find important and how do we develop discipline. Nothing that lasts ever comes easy and everything that comes easy won’t last. Discipline is the strongest form of self-love, ignoring current pleasures for bigger rewards to come. Stop trying to figure shit out, just get out there and DO IT. 


Exercise, another one of those things. We all know it’s important, we all know it’s good for us but still so few of us are actually creating the space and time in their busy schedule to make sure they get the exercise they need. 

As proven in so many studies, exercise induces stress, clears your mind and is extremely beneficial to your overal health. Most people feel like they ‘don’t have time’ or make up other excuses to skip moving their body which then results in a couch potato that doesn’t feel good in their own skin. 

Now I’m not saying exercise is a magic pill cause being healthy is a combination of these 3 pillars, but moving your body, feeling good in your skin is so incredibly important for a healthy life. Move the way you want, whether it’s hitting the gym 5 days a week, going for a walk in the forest or go to your favorite dance classes, it doesn’t matter as long as you GET MOVING.