Rabbit holes


SPROUTING AND THE BENEFITS Sprouting, I know I’ve been guilty of buying sprouts in the fancy supermarket paying (unknowingly) way to much to score some bonus points for my gut health. Not only is sprouting incredibly easy, it’s also incredibly cheap. Gut health in general I find a topic that’s way under discussed, it’s something …

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BREATHING AND THE IMPORTANCE OF IT We all know the feeling when we get nervous or excited and our heart starts racing and without noticing our breath is going super fast, we forget to inhale and exhale. We forget to give our lungs the air it needs, to give our body the oxygen it needs …

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AYURVEDA AND THE MIND Ayurveda, so much more than the food labels or teas you see in the supermarkets. So much more than the dosha’s you might’ve heard of. Ayurveda is the knowledge of life, or at least that’s what Ayurveda is about. Getting to know yourself, your mind, your consciousness and your body. Through …

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